@bluce 我正好最近和驾校联系好了,准备参加中级和高级培训。芬兰驾照拿到后,虽然显示的是15年的,但是2年以内必须参加中级和高级培训,不然,警察局有记录驾照会失效。以下是我学习的驾校给的相关信息。 Practical Phase is the first stage after receiving your driving license. It consist of one theory lesson, a group driving lessons (2-3 hours) and an individual driving lesson (1 hour). The ideal timing for it is about one month after receiving a license. Practical phase costs 185 €. The advanced phase has two parts: the slippery track day (about 5 hours) and evaluating drive (2,5 hours). The slippery track training is done with your own car, and you drive there by yourself, during evaluating drive the driving school car is used. The advanced stage costs 447 € (including the slippery track fee 97 €).