QYResearch: The Restriction Endonucleases market is expected to reach USD 282 Million by 2022

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    QYResearch: The Restriction Endonucleases market is expected to reach USD 282 Million by 2022

    Restriction Endonuclease is an enzyme that cuts DNA at or near specific recognition nucleotide sequences known as restriction sites. They are the enzymes that are found in the bacteria and are harvested from them for their use in research and commercial aspects. Restriction enzymes are commonly classified into four types, which differ in their structure and whether they cut their DNA substrate at their recognition site, or if the recognition and cleavage sites are separate from one another.

    Till date more than 10,000 bacteria are screened for the presence of restriction enzymes and currently there are more than 2,500 restriction enzymes have been discovered along with over 250 distinct specificities in sequences. These enzymes are used in conventional cloning, deciphering epigenetic modifications, construction of DNA libraries and in vivo gene editing. The end users mainly are Academic & Research Institutes, Hospitals & Diagnostic Centers, and Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology companies.

    The Restriction Endonuclease industry is relatively concentrated, and the players mainly come from North America and Western Europe. In the world wide, major manufactures mainly are New England Biolabs, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Takara Bio, Illumina, Agilent Technologies, Roche, GE Healthcare, Promega Corporation, Qiagen, Jena Biosciences and etc.

    Factors such as regulatory policies and product approvals govern the market growth. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies along with academic research institutes utilize these REs in various activities. In 2016, the global market is about 3700 K Unit (Production), is 205 M USD (Revenue). Geographically, North America (40% revenue in2016) and Europe (32% revenue in2016) are the highest revenue generators in this market owing to increasing research and development activities followed by the presence of manufacturers in these regions. On the other hand Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (Row) regions present lucrative opportunities for the growth of this market due to increasing research projects funding by the respective governments followed by increasing commercial production of these enzymes.

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