QYResearch Reviewed: Global Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Market Research Report 2017

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    The Vitamin & Mineral Supplement industry concentration is very low; there sales of Top 4 manufacturers take up less than 30% of the world in 2016. Due to the wide range of products offered, the market for dietary supplements remains highly fragmented, with only two companies expected to account for greater than a 5.0% share of the market. The high-end products mainly come from USA and European. In the world wide, giant manufactures mainly distribute in these two areas and Asia, where is represented by Japan, China.

    Currently, the main type of Vitamin & Mineral Supplements include multivitamin, single vitamin, multi-mineral and single mineral. Multivitamin is the main product which takes up about 50% of market share. Single vitamin takes about 30%. Multi mineral takes about 12%. Single mineral takes about 8%.

    The sales volume of Vitamin & Mineral Supplement increases from 198323 MT in 2012 to 235290 MT in 2016, at a CAGR of about 4.37%. The sales revenue of Vitamin & Mineral Supplement increases from about 41492 M $ in 2012 to 45010 M $ in 2016, at a CAGR of more than 0.98%. In 2016, the world Vitamin & Mineral Supplement production market is led by USA and Japan, while Europe accounts for about 13.98% and China accounts for about 7.31% in 2016.

    The price of Vitamin & Mineral Supplement keeps decreasing in past five years owing to the developed technology and over capacity. In 2016, the price of Multivitamin supplement is at about 193988 $/MT, with Single Vitamin Supplement of 187781 $/MT and Multi Mineral Supplement of 189384 $/MT. The Single Mineral Supplement is about 190766 $/MT. In the next few years, we predict that price will keep to stably decreasing.

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